When to Get Your Denture Repaired

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Partial dentures are durable and can last for more than five years with proper care. However, they can become damaged over time or need an adjustment if there are changes with the gums. Understanding when a dentist might recommend a partial denture repair can help individuals ensure that any issues are detected and fixed early. 

Things to know about partial denture repair

The purpose of a partial denture repair is to ensure they fit properly and last for a long time without needing to be replaced. There are certain signs that may indicate a need for a denture repair, and repairing promptly can save a lot of discomfort, money and time. The following is everything to know about when to get partial dentures repaired and how the repair process works. 

The importance of dental repairs

Partial dental repairs accomplish some key goals, including ensuring a proper fit and reducing the risk of early replacement. If dentures do not fit properly, then it can lead to discomforting symptoms and increased risk of severe concerns, such as:

  • Oral infection
  • Mouth sores
  • Sore jaw
  • Loose dentures
  • Difficulty talking

The form of gums can change over time, and when they do the partial dentures will need to be adjusted. Visiting a dentist regularly is the best way to ensure that repairs are done in a timely manner. 

How often a partial denture repair is needed

For the most part, partial dentures should not need many repairs. Of course, how often a repair is needed depends on how well individuals care for their dentures. However, there are times when denture repair is inevitable. Most notably, it may be required if the fit of the denture piece starts to change, which can occur if the jaw shifts or gum recession takes place. Dentures will also need repair if they become damaged in any way, such as chipped, cracked or if the surface is worn down. 

Different types of denture repair

There are different types of denture repairs, and each accomplishes a different goal. The three primary types of denture repairs are:

  • Denture resurfacing
  • Denture rebasing
  • Denture adjustment

A denture resurface may be necessary if there are issues with the side of the partial denture that comes into contact with the soft tissue. A denture rebase may be necessary if there are concerns with the pink acrylic of the partial denture, and an adjustment ensures the dentures fit properly when worn. 

How to care for dentures

There are certain things patients can do to minimize the risk of needing a partial denture repair or early replacement. It is important to follow all directions provided by the dentist, which may include cleaning the dentures regularly, avoiding foods that can damage the gums and visiting the dentist for routine checkup visits and cleanings. 

Find out more about denture repair today

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