What You Should Know About TeethXpress®

Teethxpress Stuart, FL

When you are missing a few teeth and need a reliable replacement option, the dentist may recommend TeethXpress®, an implant-based restoration. Dental implants are strong enough that only four of them are needed to support a full-arch dental prosthesis. Patients considering TeethXpress often have many questions and concerns about the procedure. This article covers the basic information that you need to know.

A new dental prosthesis in one day

With TeethXpress, it is possible to get a new smile in one day. The process requires careful planning by a team of skilled dental professionals. A certified TeethXpress provider will collaborate with the technician at a dental laboratory to produce the new dental set, which is custom-made to meet the patient’s requirements.

The new teeth come ready to be placed inside the patient’s mouth. Before inserting the new teeth, the dentist will place between four to six dental implants below the gums. Soon after the implant placement, the dentist will attach the teeth to the implants. Within a few hours, patients will be ready to leave the office with a brand-new smile.

The dental implants need a few months to heal

While many patients can enjoy the benefit of walking into the dental office and leaving the same day with a new set of teeth, they still need to follow certain precautions. The new teeth will look and feel natural, but they will not be fully functional just yet. Any patient considering TeethXpress needs to wait before biting into hard or tough food items. The dental implants need between three to six months to integrate with the jawbone fully.

Throughout the healing phase, one can enjoy many meals without compromising the implants’ healing. Soft foods like oatmeal, eggs, smoothies, pasta, and ground turkey are all excellent options. The dentist will provide a list of foods to avoid during the critical healing period. However, patients can still enjoy their smiles without issues.

TeethXpress has many benefits

Compared to traditional tooth replacement options, like dentures, TeethXpress has benefits such as:

  • Better comfort
  • Preservation of healthy jawbone
  • Fits the patient’s facial profile
  • Highly stable and functional
  • No dietary restrictions

The TeethXpress design

The dental prosthesis used with TeethXpress conforms to the natural outline of the patient’s mouth. The design ensures that there is no extra bulk that can make it challenging to talk or eat. Unlike a conventional bridge, which only replaces the teeth, TeethXpress also reproduces the gum tissues. This design provides a natural appearance. Since the dental prosthesis is affixed to the implants permanently, there is no risk of it slipping or shifting awkwardly in the mouth.

Final note

TeethXpress is customizable to enhance the patient’s smile and facial features. If you find yourself hiding your smile due to missing teeth, you can consider this option as a quick and reliable way to restore your smile and self-confidence. To learn more about this tooth replacement treatment, book an appointment today.

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