Teledentistry Is Virtual Care for Important Dental Care Needs

Teledentistry Is Virtual Care for Important Dental Care Needs from Anthony DeLucia D.D.S., P.A. in Stuart, FLTeledentistry is growing in popularity as the internet brings more services to your fingertips. Modern-day technology has allowed for the evolution of many things, including virtual dental care. Teledentistry is a great resource to make use of when you prefer staying home. The dentists who perform teledentistry are every bit as qualified as a traditional in-office dentist. Ready to learn more?


The following information can be helpful to those looking into dentistry alternatives.

Virtual dental care

Teledentistry is essentially virtual dental care. It involves the use of electronic information, images, videos, audio, etc. to provide patients with support, care and education in dentistry. Those suffering from a dental or oral condition can undergo a teledentistry consultation in which a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made. Typically, these consultations are done through a video conferencing service or via phone.

Teledentistry for dental care needs

Outlined below are a few things that teledentistry can address.


A teledentistry consultation can help address a toothache, which is an important dental care need. Many people experience a toothache every now and then. Often, there is an underlying issue that causes discomfort. However, in some scenarios, there is just random pain.

It is important to disclose the pain to a dentist during a teledentistry session. They will ask questions about the pain, as well as the location. Patients will also be required to discuss health history, as certain factors may cause a toothache. If there are no signs that there is an underlying problem, then the patient may be recommended to take an over-the-counter mediation.

Oral hygiene

Another important dental care need is practicing good oral hygiene. A teledentistry session gives the patient an opportunity to learn more about oral hygiene practices. The dentist can virtually go over how to brush and floss properly. Additionally, they can provide recommendations on kinds of toothpaste, as well as oral rinses. Since each patient is different, there will be different needs, which makes teledentistry sessions important for everyone.


Inflamed gums are common in patients of all ages. Gingivitis is the start of gum disease and often shows itself through inflammation in the soft tissues of the mouth. However, with the help of teledentistry, a few remedies can be explored. Dentists may recommend saltwater to rinse the mouth, as well as heightened oral hygiene routines. If the dentist determines that the inflammation is concerning, then they may prescribe an oral rinse.

Learn more today!

Want to find out more about teledentistry? Consulting with a dentist is a great place to start! They can provide patients with further information about teledentistry services, which can be helpful when having to consider alternative forms of dental care. Reach out today to learn more or to ask questions!

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