TeethXpress®: Teeth in as Little as One Day

TeethXpress Stuart, FL

As modern dentistry continues to improve, there are now more choices than ever for tooth replacement. TeethXpress is one of those great options that more people are considering!

If you are suffering from tooth loss and want to replace missing teeth quickly, then TeethXpress may be the right option for you. In this article, we discuss what exactly TeethXpress is, how it differs from other replacement options.

What is TeethXpress?

This method of tooth replacement has become popular due to the advantages that come along with it. However, it is important to first understand the procedure. TeethXpress uses dental implants to replace teeth that are missing. A full denture is then placed atop the dental implants so it can be held securely in place. TeethXpress uses four to six dental implants, depending on the size of a person’s mouth and the severity of the missing teeth.

Since patients are all unique, some patients may not be candidates for dental implants. We offer complimentary implant consultations to determine the most effective treatment for each patient.

How long can TeethXpress take?

Though the planning process may take several appointments the TeethXpress procedure usually takes three to four hours to complete. An oral surgeon will go in and place the four to six dental implants beneath a person’s jawbone. The oral surgeon will have a full set or partial set of dentures readily available to attach to the implants. Unlike other dental implants, the ones used for TeethXpress can have dentures attached immediately.

While the procedure to place the implants will take one day, the process will have several appointments and planning to officially place the replacement teeth in the mouth.The patient will still need time to heal and integrate with the implants.

Why consider TeethXpress?

TeethXpress offers patients the ability to walk out with a new set of teeth,  in one day (after several appointments and planning). They also offer the best of both worlds: dental implants and dentures. When someone is missing all their teeth, it is easier to have an implant-supported denture as opposed to multiple dental crowns. TeethXpress allows for immediate attachment of the denture to the implants. This eliminates a loose denture and ensures that bone regeneration occurs within the jaw. This option for tooth replacement is reliable, durable and can allow for natural chewing and confident smiling.

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