Teeth in a Day: How Many Implants Are Used to Replace Missing Permanent Teeth?

Teeth In A Day Stuart, FL

Dentists and oral surgeons prefer teeth in a day as a way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. This approach allows the oral surgeon to use a few strategically placed implants to anchor artificial teeth that cover the whole jaw.

So, just how many dental implants does a dentist need to implement teeth in a day? It depends on several factors. This article goes over the process and applications of teeth in a day as a treatment option. From this information, you will be able to see how an oral surgeon determines the number of dental implants that their patient needs.

Teeth in a day and why dentists love it

A dentist will recommend an implant-supported crown to the patient who only needs to replace one or two teeth. For the patient who needs to fill a gap left by three or four missing teeth, the dentist will recommend a bridge that gets support from an implant-supported crown on either end.

Then there is the patient who needs to replace every tooth in their upper or lower jaw. Such a patient could get an implant-supported crown for each missing tooth. However, this option is expensive in terms of surgical complexity, time and money.

For such a patient, the dentist will instead recommend an implant-supported prosthodontic appliance. The appliance only needs a few, cleverly placed dental implants to hold it firmly in place. By limiting dental implant surgery to the placement of a few implants, the patient saves on money and recovery time. The oral surgeon gets to perform a less invasive surgical procedure, which is always a plus.

What teeth in a day look like

The visible part of teeth in a day is the prosthodontic dental appliance, also known as an implant-supported bridge. This set of artificial teeth comes as a single piece that has a gum-colored base with artificial crowns. The denture-like prosthetic has holes in its base. These accommodate the screws that connect the appliance to the dental implants.

As the oral surgeon crafts a custom treatment plan for their patient, they will determine the number of implants that the patient needs. They will also identify optimal positions for the placement of these implants. As they design the implant-supported bridge, they will position the holes on the bridge so they align with the position of dental implants on the patient’s jaw.

What informs the number and position of dental implants?

On one hand, the oral surgeon aims to make dental implant surgery minimally invasive. On the other hand, they need to choose the exact number of dental implants that can provide maximum support for a full-arch dental bridge. How do they strike this balance?

In the end, it comes down to the health of their patient’s jaw. For example:

  • A patient with excellent bone mass and bone density in the jaw will get six implants
  • The oral surgeon will try to squeeze in five dental implants for the patient with a small degree of bone loss
  • For the patient with an otherwise healthy jawbone that has undergone moderate bone loss, the dentist will use four dental implants and position them so they provide maximum support for the bridge

It is worth noting that most oral surgeons use four implants for the teeth in a day procedure. However, they will adjust this number based on their patient’s situation.

Teeth in a day could be the treatment that brings back your smile

Functional teeth are underrated. Only a person with loose or missing teeth knows the value of enjoying a favorite meal or laughing out loud at a great joke.

Our dentist is here to help. They will find a custom solution that will put new life into your smile. Contact us to find out if teeth in a day is that solution.

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