How Your Dentist Uses Juvéderm for Lip Augmentation

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Lips that are wider, fuller, and well-defined are often regarded as beautiful. Lip augmentation with Juvéderm® can provide that sexier, appealing appearance by adding fullness, symmetry, and body to your lips. Also, your facial features will be enhanced and balanced. The lips will further complement the mouth's appearance.

Juvéderm for lip augmentation

The dentist can provide a non-surgical lip augmentation. In this procedure, the professional will inject biodegradable hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm into the lips using ultra-fine needles. The method produces natural-looking, long-lasting, and reliable outcomes. After an initial evaluation, the dentist will creatively craft volume, shape, balance, and proportion in the lips for the optimal appearance based on the patient's facial type and desired results.

Details of the procedure

A lip augmentation appointment is usually booked in advance. Patients will need to visit the dentist for an initial evaluation. The patient's lips should not contain any filler at this point. For those who have recently had a lip injection somewhere and want corrective treatment, the dentist will need to know the history and type of filler materials used.

Many semi-permanent and permanent fillers are incompatible with hyaluronic acid fillers, increasing the risk of post-operative problems. Patients will need to stop using any blood thinners (such as Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, fish oils, omega-3s, a high fish diet, etc.) for about two weeks before the treatment, as these may increase the risk of bruising and swelling. Patients need to mention past cases of cold sores. To reduce the risk of cold sore reactivation after injection, the dentist will prescribe medicine before the treatment. Using antiviral medication considerably reduces cold sore reactivation.

A numbing cream can be used during the treatment; the professional will apply it and keep it on the patient's lips for around 15-20 minutes before starting the procedure. They will also perform a nerve block to freeze the lips by injecting a local anesthetic (similar to a dental nerve block), which will induce complete lip numbness for one to two hours.

Pre-treatment with numbing lotion or nerve blocks is usually unnecessary. The procedure itself is rather straightforward. The dentist will inject a small quantity of Juvéderm (hyaluronic acid filler) straight into the lips during the treatment. The chosen fillers will be determined by the patient's present lip structure and the desired results. Patients will be given a little icepack to apply on their lips to chill them. This helps to numb the nerves, making the procedure almost entirely painless. Since the cold constricts blood vessels, swelling and bruising after lip injections are dramatically reduced.

After the procedure

Slight swelling and bruising are to be expected, which should typically improve after two to three days. Most individuals may return to work right away following treatment, and they will be given detailed written aftercare instructions. Lipstick is not suggested for the first 24 hours after the procedure to decrease the risk of infection.

In conclusion

If you are considering Juvéderm for lip augmentation, book an appointment with the dentist to learn more about the process. They will perform an evaluation and determine the best way to proceed.

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