How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced With Multiple Tooth Implants?

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Stuart, FL

If you have a missing tooth, you might not think about multiple tooth implants that much. But whether or not you have two or more missing, implants can be a good solution for you. It is similar to getting a new tooth since implants are so natural. You might be wondering what you can do if you need several teeth or even a whole arch. You might wonder if implants can still help. Keep reading to find out more about your options with multiple tooth implants.

Replacing one tooth

This is a simple method of using dental implants. If a patient has one missing tooth, they might choose to get one implant. The post of the implant goes into the jawbone to support the false tooth. It is simple, which is why so many people like this procedure. Instead of getting a normal prosthetic, the patient gets one that feels and functions like the missing one. This seems like it has always been there.

Two teeth

The good news is that for patients missing two teeth, it is easy to address the issue using one implant. However, two crowns will go on the implant post to fill in the gap. That makes it look more normal. If the teeth are not next to each other, then the patient might need to get two implant posts.

Three to four teeth

If the teeth are next to each other, then the patient might get what is known as a fixed bridge. It is similar to regular dental bridges, but the teeth that support it will be the implants. A post can go on either side of this gap and have crowns on it. Then these can be attached to the other crowns that will go on the gums and close that gap.

Many teeth

If the teeth are missing throughout the patient’s mouth, there are still multiple tooth implants options. A partial denture might be used for this. However, instead of having metal attachments to hold it, dental implants will likely support it. The implants can go strategically in the mouth to give the dentures as much support as they can get. The denture will be custom designed so that it can fit the patient’s mouth better. Implant dentures have many benefits, including the fact that they last longer.

A full arch

If the patient has a whole arch of decayed or missing teeth, multiple tooth implants can also work. The implants can hold the dentures in place. The number needed will depend on the patient’s personal situation. A full arch of dentures can be held there with denture adhesive or natural suction. However, with implants, the dentures can stay in place in a sturdy manner.

Choose multiple tooth implants today

No matter how many teeth you need to have replaced, your dentist can help you. Implants are a versatile and comprehensive treatment. These can help you to have a better smile. Making an appointment with your dentist today is the first step.

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