Having Dentures Repaired to Restore Chewing Function

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Over the years, dentures have become a great tool for those looking to restore chewing function. If you already have dentures, then you know how beneficial they are. However, denture damage is inevitable. Biting down on a hard piece of candy can crack the base of a clasp. Dropping dentures on the ground may cause a tooth to break off. When damage like this happens, it can compromise the entire fit and feel of the denture. When you wear dentures that do not fit right, the dentures may rub up against your gums and cause irritation. Ill-fitting dentures can also make it more difficult to chew your food or speak clearly.

When denture damage happens, it is important to know what to do about it. One of the first things you should do is gather the broken pieces together and call a dentist. The dentist will be able to examine the damage and determine what type of repair your dentures will need. Most types of denture damage can be repaired with a denture reline or a denture rebase. When damage is extensive, the entire denture may have to be replaced in a dental lab. Getting dental implants can also help you chew better.

Denture reline and rebase

Two of the most common types of denture repairs include denture reline and rebase. When denture wearers first get dentures, the dentures will fit nice and snug. After all, each denture is custom-made for individual denture wearers and their gums. However, as wearers age, gums change, as do facial structures. As a result, dentures will loosen and begin moving around in a wearer’s mouth. A denture reline or rebase can fix that and make a denture more secure while restoring chewing function.

A denture rebase involves a dentist replacing the denture base with new acrylic to provide a better fit. During a denture reline, dentists use special resins to reshape the damaged part of the denture. Depending on the scope of the damage, the reline will either be a hard reline using a resin that hardens like acrylic, or a soft reline using a softer, more pliable material. Both types of relines are comfortable and can be completed in the comfort of a dentist’s office and are fairly affordable.

Total denture replacement

When determining whether a total denture replacement is in order, a dentist will examine the denture and go from there. If a denture is damaged beyond repair, a replacement may be in order. However, total replacements are more expensive than a denture reline or rebase. The replacement process will also involve having new molds made and may mean a wearer will have to live without their dentures for a few days.

Dental implants

Dental implants can make dentures function better. Usually, two to four implants are placed in the lower jaw and the denture attaches onto them. This keeps the denture steady when the wearer chews. Dental implants provide the wearer with stability and better functionality of their dentures.

Restore chewing function today

If your dentures are feeling loose or your chewing function feels compromised, it may be time for a repair. Fortunately, the most common repair options are quick and affordable. Denture relines and rebases can typically be completed in a dentist’s office. Talk to your dentist today.

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