Can TeethXpress Improve a Smile in One Day?

Teethxpress Stuart, FL

Dental implants are small titanium posts that a dentist places in the bone under a patient's gums. These posts function as a replacement for natural tooth roots. The TeethXpress® treatment is a dental implant procedure that can be completed in a few hours, allowing patients to see faster results than with traditional dental implants.

TeethXpress® process

Most patients who have a TeethXpress® procedure can have a complete set of dentures placed on four, five, or six dental implants in one day. The treatment can also be used to restore individual missing teeth by using guided surgery. Procedures to restore single teeth usually take an hour or less. The treatment is generally well-tolerated with only minor, temporary discomfort. 


Many dentists recommend patients use a medicated mouth wash for two weeks after a TeethXpress® procedure. After this initial healing phase, the patient's dentist may recommend the patient use a slow-speed water pick. The dentist can also recommend an oral hygiene routine to help develop the implant's connection to the jaw bone by keeping the patient's mouth healthy. 

TeethXpress® benefits

TeethXpress® implant procedures have a variety of benefits when compared to traditional dentures and dental implants.

Is faster than traditional implant procedures

A TeethXpress® procedure can typically be completed in a few hours. By contrast, there is usually a waiting period of around three months between the initial placement of traditional implants and the final tooth restoration. The implants used for the procedures have a 99.2% success rate, according to data from the manufacturer. 

Does not interfere with speech

Traditional denture wearers often have difficulty enunciating some words or may need to slow their speech patterns to speak clearly. Implant-supported dentures are less bulky and less likely to cause this issue.

Allows eating of hard foods

The extra security provided by implant-supported dentures makes it possible for patients to eat foods such as apples, raw vegetables, nuts, and beef without discomfort. Additionally, implant-supported dentures do not cover the roof of the mouth, which avoids the reduced sense of taste that denture wearers may experience. 

Reduces bone loss

When teeth are removed, patients lose the jawbone stimulation that helps maintain the form and shape of the jaw. Dental implants provide this missing stimulation helping to maintain the jawbone and preventing changes in the shape of the face that sometimes come with wearing traditional dentures.

Does not need to be removed at night

Patients are advised to remove traditional dentures at night because the denture can apply pressure to the gums and jaw that can lead to irritation and bone loss, and the dentures need to be cleaned to remove bacteria. Implant-supported dentures do not need to be removed.


TeethXpress® implants provide all of the benefits of traditional implants without the waiting period between the initial surgery and the tooth restoration. Most patients can see immediate results and start enjoying the benefits of their new smiles the same day as the procedure.

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